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International Platform

Platform for promoting decentralized tokenized assets of profitable real estate

Key features for members

A wide range of functions has been created on the Stability platform for acquiring assets, accounting for structures and calculating commissions

The functionality of the platform provides high quality information content and statistics on the results of the partner's business. Management tools for international structures and marketing materials will help in business development

  • Capital creation in profitable real estate

  • Organization of your own international business

  • Acquisition of professional skills "Tokenized real estate consultant"

  • Receiving passive income through created assets

About company

Stability International Platform is an online platform that allows partners to place and acquire digital tokenized assets in real estate. Also, for a wide range of platform participants, a system for creating an international business and obtaining a stable high income is available, thanks to recommendations, personal activity and a training system for creating a sustainable business.

By joining the platform, you will receive:

The Stability platform service helps in promoting tokenized assets in profitable real estate

Capital creation system

Our partners are developing a network of profitable real estate on five continents and offer platform users equity participation and profit sharing through the purchase of tokens to generate income.

International Business

The platform provides a system for receiving rewards for developing a client base and a network of consultants in various countries of the world.

Education system

The platform has a step-by-step training system for acquiring the skills of a consultant in the blockchain technology market, tokenized assets in real estate and professionally creating a network of consultants for promotion in the international market.

Holidays on all continents

Clients of the platform have the opportunity to use the network of real estate objects for personal needs on unique preferential terms.

How it works

Stability International Platform offers marketing packages for purchase,
which contain two tokens with different functions issued by "Between Oceans"::
1. REND Token - generates a rental voucher
2. STAB Token - a share in the income from profitable real estate.

The uniqueness of the platform

It consists in harmonious integration of various sectors of the economy into a single business concept.

Synergy of tools

The platform combines profitable real estate, blockchain technology and MLM business, which provides a unique combination of stable and reliable assets, high-yield instruments and a rapidly scalable international business

Marketing plan

It integrates complementary elements that generate bonuses for active partners —the classic qualification rank scheme, binary and matrix schemes

Co-ownership of a company

An active partner of the platform can become a co-owner of a company and receive a high income from the company's global profit, upon reaching a certain career status

Assets functions

Acquired assets, with the development of the company, not only generate income, but also increase in value, eventually acquiring the status of a unique and reliable asset

Functional characteristics of the platform

Ease of use

The platform is easy to understand, has a laconic design and a clear interface structure, which is adapted for viewing on various devices

Learning module

Access to a knowledge base with courses on marketing, sales, scaling, personal growth and building a large organization

Marketing tools

You get personal branding in social networks, selling landing pages, sending emails and messengers, a company's brand book and other tools

Sales statistics

The ability to track your own results and the results of your team's work: sales statistics, profits, partner training efficiency, etc.

Our team

Vitaliy Derkach

The head of the company

Martha Basarab

Events Director

Rostislav Sagaida

Marketing director

Leonid Tsyupa

Technical Director


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