Russia attacked Ukraine

We, Ukrainians, hope that you already know about it. For the sake of your children and any hope of a light at the end of this hell,  please read our letter  to the end .

To all of us, Ukrainians, Russians and the whole world, the Russian government has been lying for the past two months. We were told that the troops on the border were “undergoing exercises”, that “Russia is not going to capture anyone”, “they are already being withdrawn”, and the civilian population of Ukraine “is just watching propaganda”. We really wanted to believe you.

But on the night of February 24, Russia attacked Ukraine, and all the worst predictions  became our reality  .

Kyiv, st. Kosice 7a. 02/25/2022

 This is not 1941, this is today. It is now. 

For this morning:

More than 5 000 Russian soldiers were killed in a war that was not their own and no one needed
Over 300 Ukrainian civilians died
Over 2,000 civilians were injured

Russian troops are trying to capture dozens of cities across the country.

An oil depot is on fire near Kiev - the morning of February 27, 2022.

 We and our children try to sleep to these sounds. 

We are sincerely hurt by your posts on social networks that it was “taken off in advance” and “drawn”, but we, unfortunately, understand you.

A week ago, none of us would have believed that this could happen in 2022.

Metro Kyiv, Ukraine - from February 25 to this day

We do not understand what this war gives to your or our country

We are unlikely to find at least one person on Earth who will feel better from it. Three thousand of your soldiers, someone's children, have already died in these three days. We do not want these deaths, but we cannot but defend our country.

And we still want to believe that you are just as terrified of this madness that has stopped our whole life.

We really need your voice and courage, because now only you can stop this war. It's scary, but the only thing that will matter after that is who remains human.

st. Lobanovsky 6a, Kyiv, Ukraine. 26.02.2022

This is a house in the center of Kyiv, not a photo of September 11th. A week ago there was a coffee shop, a post office and English courses, and people in this house lived their ordinary lives, as you live it.

PS Unfortunately, this is not “photoshop from the Pentagon”, as you are told. And yes, there were people in these apartments.

They keep lying to you

"This is not a war, but only a special operation."
This is war.

War is an armed conflict, the purpose of which is to impose one's will: to overthrow the government, to force never to join NATO, to take away part of the territory, and others. Vladimir Putin openly declares all this in each of his addresses.

"Russia only wants to protect the LNR and the DNR."
This is not true.

All this time there is shelling of cities in all regions of Ukraine, the second day the Ukrainian military are fighting for Kyiv.

On the map of Ukraine, you can easily see that Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk or Lutsk are more than 1,000 km from the LPR and DPR. This is the other end of the country. February 25, 2022 - missile impact sites
February 25, 2022 - Missile impact sites "Civilians will not be affected."
Already touched.

Affects each of us, every second. Since Thursday night, none of the Ukrainians can sleep, because there are sirens and explosions around. Thousands of families had to leave their hometowns.
Shells hit our houses.

More than 1,200 civilians are injured or killed. There are many children among them.
Kindergartens and hospitals have already been shelled.
We are forced to spend the night at metro stations, afraid of the collapse of our houses.
Our wives give birth here. Our pets are afraid of explosions.

"Russian troops have no losses."
Your compatriots are dying by the thousands.

There is no army more motivated than the one that fights for its land.
We are on our own land, and we give a tough rebuff to everyone who comes to us with a weapon.

"There is a genocide of the Russian-speaking people in Ukraine, and Russia is saving them."
Most of those who are now writing this letter to you have been speaking Russian all their lives, living in Ukraine.

They talk in the family, with friends and at work. We have never been harassed in any way.

The only reason we want to stop speaking Russian now is that in Russian the liars in your government ordered to destroy and take over our beloved country.

"Ukraine is in the power of the Nazis and they must be destroyed."

Now the president is in power, for whom three-quarters of the population of Ukraine voted in free elections in 2019. Like any government, we have opposition. But we do not get rid of the objectionable by killing them or attaching criminal cases to them .

We have no place for dictatorship, and we showed it to the whole world in 2013. We are not afraid to speak out, and we definitely do not need your help in this matter.

Ukrainian families lost more than 1,377,000 relatives fighting Nazism during World War II. We will never choose Nazism, Fascism or Nationalism as our path. And we do not believe that you yourself can seriously think so.

"Ukrainians deserve it."
We are at home, on our own land.

Ukraine has never attacked Russia in its entire history and did not want to harm you. Your troops attacked our peaceful cities. If you really think that there is an excuse for this, we are sorry.

We do not want a minute of this war and not a single senseless death. But we will not give you our home and we will not forgive the silence with which you look at this nightmare.

Please take to the streets.

Sincerely yours, People of Ukraine

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